Previously we talked about the top 10 places to visit in Turkey. However, there is too much to cover in just one blog for all the places nature lovers can go to in Turkey. With its blend of culture, rich history, and stunning landscapes, Turkey has so much to offer its visitors. So today, we wanted to have a deep dive into the things nature enthusiasts may want to see in Turkey.

The 5 Best Places Nature Lovers Should Visit in Turkey


  • Pink Salt Lake (Tuz Golu or Lake Tuz)

This magical, vibrant pink lake is located one hour away from the magnificent city of Cappadocia. Surprisingly, not many people know about this beautiful lake so you may be able to have a calming and peaceful trip to it away from the crowds!

Lake Tuz is actually a huge lake. It’s around 60 km long and 50 km wide, it has a total surface area is around 1,665 km2 (643 sq mi), making it one of the biggest hypersaline lakes in the world. The lake is home to flamingos, you may see geese and lesser kestrel too as it’s one of their breeding grounds.

The pink lake is shallow most of the year with a depth of only 1.5 meters. The depth increases during the winter months as there is more rainfall.

Lake Tuz has a main entrance with a café and a few other places, where you can enjoy a coffee while looking at the beautiful lake.  If you want, you can also continue driving to the top of the lake, park the car, and walk to the lake. You can choose a quieter, emptier, or more excluded area to sit and take in the view or walk around. You do have to be careful about the salt though, as it can stink on everything and is hard to remove, but it’s definitely worth it.

The lake is particularly magical during the sunset as the beautiful purples and oranges of the sky reflect on the pink lake.

The lake is also covered with dense salt formations, and you can even pick the salt up and make snowball-sized salt balls! However, you have to be careful as your hands will be covered by a lot of salt, and I mean a lot.

If you visit Cappadocia and have some extra time on hand, you should definitely try to visit this wonderful lake for a unique experience!


  • Mencuna Waterfalls

The Mencuna waterfalls is a hidden gem in the province of Artvin in the Black sea region. It’s tucked away in a dense foresty area where there are high mountains and long deep valleys. You can access the waterfall by a singular footpath that will take you through the hills up the charming rock pathway.

Reaching the waterfall will only take a 15-minute hike. On the top of the mountain there is a small hut open which serves tea and some snacks, so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the view. From the top, you can see the opposite bank with mountains, valleys, and low clouds, adding mystery to the area.

If you aren’t into hiking or just want to relax, you can book a room in one of the hotels that have a balcony that overlooks a river. You can also fall asleep to the relaxing sound of the waterfall.


  • Goynuk Canyon

Goyuk Canyon in Antalya has some breathtaking scenery away from all the crowds and busyness of the city.  The canyon is nested within the Taurus mountains and is surrounded by pine trees growing on the sides and streams flowing down the rocky slopes.

The rocks are massive and have different streaks of colors like grey, beige, and white. The waters are crystal-clear, and they form magical emerald-green pools which offer a refreshing swimming location during the hot summer months. Streams run down the rocks forming small waterfalls around the canyon, adding to the magnificent beauty of the canyon.

The canyon is narrow and surrounded by high rocks allowing the light to create interesting shadows giving you natural dynamic lighting which adds depth to the scenery.

You can enjoy the white sound of the flowing water and gentle rustling of the leaves as you take in the view, swim, or walk around. Or you could do some thrilling activities, including rafting, going on safari tours, or zipling.

If you are interested in learning more about Goynuk Canyon or would like to book a trip click here.


  • Oludeniz

Oludeniz is in the province of Mugla and is a popular destination due to its breathtaking natural scenery. Oludeniz has some of the clearest turquoise waters and it’s surrounded by rugged mountains and tall green pine forests.

Many people go to Oludeniz to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the sea and the sunsets which turn the sky purple, pink, and orange, giving the mountains and waters a picture perfect appearance. The waters are mostly calm, so you can take a nice relaxing swim, or you can just take in the surroundings while sunbathing and enjoying the warm summer sun.

Oludeniz won’t just offer you a magical beach holiday, but can also offer so many different activities to choose from! If you love the outdoor life, you can choose to camp for the night, taking in all the fresh air and the relaxing sound of the water while looking at the beautiful night sky.

Thinking you might get bored? Think again, because there is a plethora of activities you can do like kayaking, stand up paddling, renting a speedboat, going on boat trips including sunset trips and party boats, and taking a water taxi to Butterfly valley! If that’s still not enough, there are some more extreme activities you can do like scuba diving, parascending where you will fly though the sky with a parachute and speed boat, and paragliding where you can enjoy the beauty of Oludeniz’s mountains, coast, and cityscape from above with a touch of adrenaline!


  • Suluada

Suluada AKA Mediterranean Maldives Island is located in the Gulf of Antalya.

Its crystal-clear sands and turquoise waters make Suluada one of the nicest places to go swimming at. It has 2 swimming beaches, both which mostly are covered with white pebbles and a few tiny black pebbles mixed in. The island has stunning panoramic views with pine trees, junipers, and other magnificent greenery.

If you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving, get ready for an adventure as Suluada has a rich biodiversity where you can see various types of colorful fish and marine life. You may even be able to see some dolphins or caretta turtles if you’re lucky!

Most of Suluada’s activities revolve around enjoying nature and relaxing, these activities include hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnicking, and bird watching. So, if you are interested in lying back, relaxing, and enjoying the magical scenery, you should definitely book your trip to Suluada.


Rich in a variety of landscapes from pristine beaches, dramatic mountain panoramas, unique lakes, or to just some greenery, Turkey is the ideal destination for all nature lovers with it’s stunning views that will speak to your soul and mesmerize you. don’t miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent country!