Antalya is a coastal city in the southwestern part of Turkey. Antalya’s beaches are on the mediterranean coastlines making it one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities. Antalya has a harmony of historical and archaeological sites with amazing natural beauty. With turquoise clear beaches, the hot summer sun, and wonderful resorts, Antalya is one of the best cities to visit for a relaxing, fun, and unique experience.

Whatever you are looking for can be found in Antalya, do you want adrenaline filled activities? Got it! Antalya is full of activities like paragliding, scuba diving, Safaris and more! Maybe you love history and want to visit some historical sites, Antalya has ancient cities, towns, and ruins, it is a city full of history. Maybe you just want to enjoy some Turkish food and learn about the culture, Antalya can help you learn more about the Turkish culture with museums, galleries, events, and delicious food. Are you just overwhelmed and want to relax? You can lounge on the beaches looking at the beautiful calming scenery, go swimming or even go to a Turkish Hamam or spa.


What are some things you can do in Antalya?

Some on the most popular activities include:

Two people scuba diving in Antalya

If you love diving or want to experience diving for the first time, scuba diving in Antalya is a unique experience. You don’t have to worry if you aren’t a professional because experienced divers and instructors will be with you to help you and give you all the information and instructions you’ll need.

The scuba diving tour includes a boat trip and two dives. You will be able to enjoy the clear blue sea while taking in the views and marine life. The instructors will also give you high quality diving equipment so you don’t have to worry about buying or packing it!

Yacht tour in Antalya

If you want to just relax on a yacht with some snacks, food, and drinks, or if you want to party with your friends, just enjoy the view, or go on a romantic get-away, you should definitely try the private yacht tour!

With a luxurious private yacht tour, you can explore the beauty of the Mediterranean coastlines, get away from the crowds, and enjoy a unique experience. The yacht has a restroom, showers, indoor and outdoor areas where you can lounge, private cabins, and a fully equipped kitchen. The English-speaking staff can prepare you lunch or dinner that you can enjoy while having fun.

If you want to go on a yacht or boat tour but want to meet new people and make new friends while still having fun and enjoying the breathtaking scenery, you should try the pirate boat trip or the green canyon boat tour.

Picture of two people paragliding

If you love adrenaline rushes and trying new experiences, paragliding in Antalya should be an experience you don’t miss out on. Paragliding in Antalya gives you the opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline rush with an 800m free fall from a helicopter while looking at the beautiful view of the sandy beaches and blue clear waters.

If this is your first-time paragliding or you need a refresher, the professional instructors can help you and prepare you for your adventure. They will run you down the safety instructions and give you the latest and best gear for your flight.

The landing will take place on Cleopatra beach where you can continue to enjoy and relax on the beach.

The land of legends theme park with swimming pools, castle and roller coasters

If you love amusement parks, you will love the Land of The Legends! This theme park is land of imagination is inspiration with a 5-star hotel, waterpark, and aquarium.

This amusement park seems to come from a fairy tale, with a large castle in the middle of the park, an aquarium that houses sharks, and a chance to see dolphins, this can be the ultimate get-away.

If you want some adventure, you can ride of a 62-meter-high hyper coaster and a 43 meter typhoon coaster which while going down will let you touch the water. There is so much to do and so much to see in this amazing theme park. You can also get food, snacks, drinks, and even go shopping!

A man on a boat fishing

If you love fishing, you shouldn’t miss out on fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, there are so many different species of fish and thousands of miles of coastlines with a variety of shallow and deep water.

You have so many finishing options, you can go on a small fish finishing tour or a big fishing tour. You can also choose to catch bluefin tuna, swordfish, seabass, or amberjacks. There will be an experienced crew of local fishermen to help you embark this journey.

Submarine in the water

If you love beaches, seas, oceans, and marine life, you would love the submarine tour in Antalya. This unique experience will let you dive deep in the Mediterranean waters where you can see all kinds of fish, maybe dolphins, sharks, and other marine life. You can also see the remains of a ship that has been wrecked.

The submarine is spacious and has a cafeteria where you can order drinks or snacks, it is also equipped with the latest technology making it a relaxing, comfortable, and safe adventure.

T-rex model in a dinopark

If you love dinosaurs and want to learn more about them and see how they looked in real life, you should visit the Dinopark. Now, this isn’t some kind of Jurassic park, but it’s close enough!

The park is full of animated models and facts about each dinosaur. However, that’s not all! This park will take you on journey with zip lines, climbing activities, water marbling, and a 7D cinema (Yes 7D!), so be ready for an active fun-filled day.

The ancient city of perge

Perge has a very long and rich history left by the Greeks and Romans who once lived in that city. The structures managed to survive despite the earthquakes and nature. The tour starts off by seeing the former capital of Pamphilia, one of the biggest archaeological sites, will see the remnants of Agora and the Temple of Artemis.

Afterwards, you will heat to the Greco-Roman city of Aspendos where there is a well-preserved Roman Theatre.

After your exploration, you can have lunch or dinner near the riverbank, enjoying the nature, relaxing, and resting after your journey. Afterwards, you can go to see the Manavgat waterfall which has some breath-taking scenes as pine trees and cedars cover the land.

a woman riding a white horse

Horses are amazing creatures, they are loyal, loving, and so much fun to be around. The horseback riding experience in Antalya is magical! You can ride a horse on the beach of Lara, taking in all the views while with your loved ones or new friends.

This experience is ideal for all the nature lovers!

2 people on a buggy tour

If you want a thrilling adventure, you need to try the buggy safari ride through the Taurus mountains. You can easily navigate through the mountains enjoying all the scenery while having a blast!

You will have experienced guides which will run you down through the safety guidelines and then you start your journey. Buggies are either have 2 or 4 seats so you and your loved one(s) can enjoy the rid together.


Antalya has something for everyone, it is worth the visit and you will certainly have an amazing time, full of unforgettable memories, and a unique experience you can share with friends and family.