The Duden Waterfalls are located in Antalya, Turkey. There are 2 Waterfalls  with the same name, you have the Lower and Upper Duden waterfalls, both parts are magical for nature lovers. Each waterfall is located over a different location of the Duden stream.

The Duden waterfalls are an amazing place for people who want to enjoy nature, connect with mother earth, relax, or just have some fresh air. The area is covered with beautiful greenery, colorful vibrant flowers, and blue waters.

So, let’s talk a little more about the Duden Waterfalls and what you can do there


The Upper Duden Waterfall:

The Upper Duden Waterfall is also called Alexander Falls because people believe Alexander the Great gave his horses water from this waterfall as they were passing through the region. This waterfall is 15 meters high. Many people describe the Upper Dudan waterfall as a piece of heaven on earth, the water flows down the mountain making a natural pool with beautiful crystal-clear waters. The waterfall is surrounded by chirping birds and forests making it a refreshing and relaxing get-away.

Behind the waterfall you can see a cave with interesting formations, you can go there by passing under the waterfall and look through the cavities of the caves as they offer a spectacular view. Just remember to stay safe as there is flowing water behind you and you don’t want to slip.

Some people also love bringing their own food, snacks and drinks and going on a picnic near the waterfalls. They enjoy their meals on the green grass and in between the amazing trees while listening to the sound of the water. If you didn’t bring food with you because you didn’t have much time to pack or prepare, that’s not an issue! There are restaurants and cafes around where you can go and get a bite to eat.

The Upper Duden waterfall has picturesque views and tranquility you have never felt before.

Lower Duden Waterfall

The Lower Duden Waterfall:


The Lower Duden waterfall is also known as Karpuzkalidran Selalesi because its in the Karpuskaldiran region, the literal translation of this name is the watermelon lifter waterfall! This waterfall 20 meters high, and it meets with the Mediterranean Sea.

There is a park near the waterfall which has a terrace that you can observe the waterfall from. The park is beautifully covered with trees and has a café and picnic area you can chill at as you have your food and talk with your loved ones or just enjoy the relaxing beauty you’re surrounded by.

Many people love visiting the Lower Duden waterfall because they can see the breathtaking views of the water flowing from the waterfall to the sea as they stroll through the park and just have a slow, quiet, and relaxing day.

If you want to enjoy the view of the waterfall but want to be more active or explore more places, you can take a tour boat that stops at the waterfalls and gives you time to take in the beauty and swim before heading to the next location. You can book your boat trip here.

Or if you are interested in spending more time in the waterfalls you could start your journey visiting the upper waterfall and then going to the lower once spending the whole day between nature’s beauty.



For nature lovers or those who love to relax, these waterfalls are an amazing get-away as they give you the opportunity to get away from the crowds, enjoy natural beauty, relax, refresh, reconnect with yourself and nature, and take a dip into the water in the hot summer months.