With you on mind: yacht ADELYA.

Imagine a fragile girl with fiery red, curly hair down to her waist and eyes the colour of the sea. Sometimes she is shy and tries not to draw attention in a crowd… but it’s just hardly possible not to notice her! It is in honour of such a young beauty that our Antalya novelty is named!

The yacht Adelya has the same perky character, she is young and charming – everybody will fall in love with her at first sight! The whiteness of her hull is in contrast to the turquoise colour of her accessories, which have been tastefully and warmly selected with the utmost care for everyone on board.

The 20m yacht has 3 comfortable cabins with AC at your service The flybridge, from which you can observe the Antalya coast or Kemer bays, depending on the tour you choose is wide and comfy as well. Younger guests will find plenty of entertainment, including board games, educational games and swimming accessories on board.

The interior of the yacht is beautiful as well as functional – every detail has been thoughtfully chosen to make your time unforgettable!

Surround yourself with the warmth and love ADELYA is filled with and enjoy the splendour of priceless moments of an unforgettable holiday.

On board for your service, you can

– water sport: jet ski, sea bob, SUP-board
– hookah
– entertainment for children
– snorkels, flippers


Яхта Adelya

Марка Leomar
Выпуск – 2006 год
Полный рефит – 2023 год
20 метров длина
12 человек вместимость
3 каюты
2 санузла

На борту (входит в стоимость):

– питание (рыба, курица, турецкие котлетки, креветки! салаты, закуски, фрукты, снеки, гарнир, б/а напитки, местные вино и пиво)
– профессиональный капитан, потрясающий шеф-повар, русскоязычная хостес
– WiFi
– музыкальная система (Bluetooth)
– телевизор (YouTube, Netflix и т.п.)
– кондиционеры в салоне и каютах
– полотенца, гели для душа и другие приятные мелочи
– игры для детей
– маски, трубки, нарукавники
– спасательные жилеты
– сапборд
– терминалы для приема иностранных и русских! карт

На борту (оплачивается дополнительно):

– гидроцикл, 2 сибоба
– кальяны с разными вкусами
– бар (любой импортный алкоголь)
– по запросу: дополнительные блюда (кальмары, крабы, стейки и т.п.)
– по запросу: фотограф и видеограф (в том числе съёмка с дрона)
– по запросу: украшение яхты, цветы, торт, диджей, музыканты


Maximum guests: 12
WC: 2
Duration: Day tour
Price: 1850 €
Morning tour: 10:00 -15:00
Refit: 2023
Length: 20 m
Evening tour: 16:00 - 20:00
Cabins: 3
Type: Motor yachts


Evening tour: The Turtle Island – The Bay of Küçük Çaltıcak

Morning tour: the Duden Waterfall – The Turtle island


Air conditioners
Meals on board
Masks and tubes
Wine and beer


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